And I confessed my love to Philip Kirkorov

The Kremlin hosted one of the music awards, which brought together all the stars of domestic show business. Anastasia Volochkova was among the guests of the event . The appearance of a ballerina always causes a stir, so it happened this time. The dress that the dancer chose for the secular way out, she called gold, but the fans have already dubbed it “naked” – the dress has such a deep neckline that anybody can see the shape of Volochkova.

Note that the ballerina herself was clearly pleased with the way she looks. And she published in her Instagram a whole photo report from the prize: in the pictures the star poses with Vladimir Presnyakov, Stanislav Popov, Igor Krutoy and Philip Kirkorov.

In the caption to the frame with the last Volochkova wrote a true declaration of love: “Just the King! We can see Filipp @fkirkorov in different directions, but we know how to be friends alike! I’m always there, my dear friend. And your world is admired with your talent and greatness! Do not stop shining for us all. ”

By the way, in the signature to another photo Volochkova said that soon she herself plans to perform in the Kremlin – on the ball of dancers, that is where her new grand show will take place.

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