The 15 Hottest Irish Guys

Irish guys are hot, there’s no doubt about it. There’s something about their gingery scruff and lack of emotion that just drives us nuts. Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we propose a toast to these 15 Irish hotties. Sláinte!

He may be kind of a dick, but his ginger faux hawk has won our hearts.

The actor formerly known as Seamus Finnegan is 5’3″ — the perfect size for crawling into your heart!

Jamie, we won’t hold “50 Shades” against you if you hold your body against US!


This Irish boxer is so manly, his name is John and Joe.


Are you an Olympic race walker? Because you’ve been race-walking through my dreams all night.

Shhh, stop talking so we can concentrate on those baby blues!

You haven’t lived if you haven’t heard this sexy Irish rapper spit rhymes in a brogue…


Hot rugby players are one of Ireland’s most viable national exports.

Like, this guy’s lats are so swole he can’t even put his arms down. Perfect for cuddling!

We’d probably do anything this Simon says, especially if it involves matching millennial pink.

What’s that you say? You like your rugby players baby-faced, like a young Matt Damon? Well how bout some Jonny Sexton?

I mean, duh.

An ancient Irish legend says that if you stare at this gif for too long, you’ll get pregnant. Careful!


Love a TV presenter who knows his way around a Snapchat filter.

I mean come on, philanthropy’s always hot. And so is a cleft chin.