Kim Kardashian made half the girls you follow on Insta go pink

Kim Kardashian is back to dark brown now, but she’s left a trail of newly pink-haired girls in her wake.

Kim is no stranger to ~alternative~ hair color. She’s no 2016 Kylie, but she’s had her fair share of hairstyles. We’ve seen her do blonde, gray, jet-black, and the like, but never anything too crazy, despite the fact that she could likely do anything. This is hardly surprising though, considering her brand isn’t quite Edgy with a capital ‘e’, but a little more refined.

But Tokyo def ain’t Calabasas. Tokyo’s street style sets the bar very, very high. It’s a city known for it’s fun, cutting edge fashion and culture. Thus, the perfect place for her latest look:

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Kim revealed via Instagram that the inspiration for her pink locks was this super cool anime character (which kind of pissed some people off, but that’s a different story for another day):

Kim’s pink look was certainly a box office hit. Though Kim is back to her classic brown locks, we can’t help but notice the influx of hot pink hairdos as of late. Correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation, but…come on.

We’re not complaining, this hair color is surprisingly versatile and effective and seems to look good on pretty much everyone. It’s likely one that we’ll see carry over into the Springtime. Is hot pink truly the new blonde? Discuss.

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