Elena Kuletskaya: biography of the famous Russian model

Elena Kuletskaya (English Elena Kuletskaya) – one of the stars of Russian television, began her career as a model. To take part in shows and exhibitions the girl started at the age of 16, and soon, despite her young age, Elena Kuletskaya moved to France alone and achieved considerable success in the modeling business. Since then, she has progressed well up the career ladder, returned to her homeland and became the star of the television screen. Even now, at 34, the TV presenter still looks amazing and shines with beauty, forcing fans to wonder how old Elena Kuletska really is? It fascinates not only ordinary spectators, but also world-class stars. In the past, the press was full of rumors about Elena Kuletskaya’s personal life, attributing to her one novel after another.

  • Real name: Elena Kuletskaya
  • Date of birth: 7/8/1982
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Height: 177 centimeters
  • Weight: 56 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 59 and 88 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 40 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: Green, blonde.


The beginning of a career in the modeling business

The future known model Elena Kuletskaya was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, however she did not live there for long. Because of the father’s military service, the family often had to move from one place to another. So, in 1998, fate brought them to Moscow. With the collapse of the USSR, the situation of servicemen was rather shaky and the officer Alexander Kuletsky had to think about changing the type of activity in order to feed his family. By chance, the head of the family became one of the owners of the modeling agency, although at first he was very critical of this direction. However, soon the business opened up new prospects for the family, and Elena Kuletskaya also joined the fashion world.

By that time, the girl had graduated from the school and successfully completed her law studies at Moscow State University. In the second year, the girl wanted to work and receive at least some income, so she began to participate in promotions as a model, and then go to the podium. Here Elena Kuletskaya was helped not only by family ties, but also by a beautiful model appearance.

Thanks to the ideal parameters, one of the employees of the French modeling agency noticed it. Without thinking twice, he suggested that Elena go to Paris and show herself at the casting. After consulting with the family, the girl accepted the invitation and went to conquer France. It was there that she received her second education, and began to rapidly climb the career ladder.


Model Elena Kuletskaya was very much in demand and could boast of cooperation with famous brands like Rollex, Helena Rubinstein, Nina Richi, Graff. The girl participated not only in one-time photo sessions – the English brand Raff, specializing in the sale of jewelry, even made Elena the face of one of her collections. And cosmetic firm Mary Key now and then invited her to shoot for advertising. In domestic advertising without Elena Kuletskaya also did not do: she played the role of a robot girl in the advertising of chewing gums Orbit.

Shooting on TV

The television programs, in which Elena Kuletskaya is removed, are also close to the world of fashion and beauty. The girl is the leading show Trendy-MTV and during the air tells the audience about fashion novelties, seasonal trends and fashion industry events. In addition, Elena conducts interviews with various stars, as well as reports from various events. In another TV show “Cinderella 2.0” by Elena Kuletskaya, no less important work is being done – she gets acquainted with ordinary girls who would like to become famous.

With the help of a reliable team consisting of makeup artists, stylists, fitness trainers, choreographers and even psychologists, Elena helps girls discover their beauty and talents. Thus, the most ordinary nondescript “mice” turn into real beauties and even get a chance to go on stage or try themselves as a model. Of course, on the screens Elena always looks amazing and has to itself not only the participants of the show, but also the audience.


In addition to the role of presenter, Kuletskaya acted in the role of participants in various TV projects. For example, in 2011 she ascended to the dance floor in the program “dancing with the stars”, where the actor Yevgeny Pazenko became her partner. In addition, Elena Kuletskaya took part in rather risky projects, where she had to sweat a lot. It was “Cruel Game” and “Big Race” on the “First”, as well as everyone’s favorite adventure program “Fort Boyard.”

Personal life of Elena Kuletskaya

Thanks to her work, the model Elena Kuletskaya often appeared in public, accompanied by other celebrities. Sometimes journalists interpreted this incorrectly and generated a lot of rumors. So, she was credited with an affair with Mickey Rourke and even a Russian singer Dima Bilan. And, despite the fact that Kuletskaya confirmed their warm, friendly relations, Bilan himself soon admitted that this was just another PR move. And the husband of Yana Rudkovskaya, the producer of Dima Bilan, even told the whole country what the company paid for Elena through the agency for 30 thousand euros. So it really or not – remains a mystery, but now Kuletskaya little interest in such gossip, because she already married.


The lucky spouse of the model was the operator Stanislav Romanovsky. Lovers played a wedding in France and chose a rather romantic place – Provence. Telling in an interview about her relationship, Kuletskaya admitted that she was bribed by the simplicity in communicating with Roman. He was not afraid of her stellar status and always communicated with her, as with an ordinary person.

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