Claudia Schiffer: biography, creativity and personal life

Claudia Schiffer (English Claudia Schiffer) – a famous German actress and supermodel. Her person was very much in demand in the mid-90s both in the cinema and in the modeling business. But Claudia Schiffer still does not give up her position. She often starred in photo shoots for glossy magazines and in commercials of famous brands.

  • Real name: Claudia Schiffer
  • Date of birth: 25.08.1970
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Height: 180.5 centimeters
  • Weight: 58 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 62 and 91.5 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 41 (EUR)
  • Color of eyes and hair: Blue, blonde.


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  • 1 Biography
  • 2 Beginning of career and creativity
  • 3 Career in our time
  • 4 Personal life


Biography Claudia Schiffer began in the glorious German city of Rheinberg. The girl grew up and was brought up in the family of a lawyer and housewife, along with her two older sisters, Anne Carolyn and Andrea, as well as brother Stefan. Our heroine was the youngest daughter in the family.

The father, who worked as a lawyer all his life, was very responsible for the upbringing of his children. He was a supporter of a strict but fair educational process.

Despite the fact that all her childhood and youth the girl was going to follow in the footsteps of her father, yet she dreamed of something else entirely.

At school, she was a diligent student, she studied French and English, participated in the Olympics and won them. Her photos were constantly adorned with the honor board.

The only problem in the life of the girl at the time was communication with peers. Schiffer was very shy of her high growth, because of what she was somewhat limited and constrained in the companies. The world celebrity often talked about how after 12 years she began to grow rapidly, while the length of the body of her classmates and friends remained virtually unchanged.

When our heroine was still very small, the family moved to Dusseldorf. It was here that the girl first met the director of the modeling agency Michelle Levaton, after which her modeling career began. A seventeen-year-old pretty girl was invited to participate in a photo shoot for the popular glossy magazine Cosmopolitan. Thus, in 1989, the pages of the famous publication printed the first photos of young Claudia Schiffer. From that moment the career of the girl went up the hill.

Beginning of career and creativity

After the publication of the magazine and its release in the market, the director contacted the Metropolitan agency and invited her to move to Paris to sign a contract with his agency.

The first brand of cosmetics, which entered into a cooperation agreement with the beginning model, was Revlon. After that, a pile of proposals from the most famous fashion houses. Our heroine has received a profitable contract for cooperation from Chanel, Guess and many other brands with a worldwide reputation.

The model has gained wide popularity. The girl is constantly invited to shoot in magazines. Among them are Harper’s Bazaar, Tank Magazine and the world-famousVogue. Claudia Schiffer became the very first model,Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

The agents of the model very carefully selected for the girl commercial and creative proposals. Unfavorable contracts were immediately eliminated. It is thanks to this in the mid 90’s Claudia was able to become the highest paid model on the planet.

Since then every day the girl receives various job offers. Thus, in just a couple of years, the girl’s photos appeared more than 400 times in various glossy magazines.


At 26, Claudia Schiffer became a world-class supermodel with a worldwide reputation. Dizzying success!

In addition to an interesting unusual face, the girl has an amazing figure. Its growth is 180 centimeters, and the weight ranges from 56 to 63 kilograms. The chest circumference is 94 centimeters, the waist circumference is 62 centimeters, and the hip circumference is 91 centimeters. The girl basically wears 36 size clothes and 41 size shoes.

Claudia Schiffer now continues shooting and participating in advertising campaigns.

Career in our time

Now almost all the time Claudia takes up bringing up children. She grows 3 beautiful kids with her husband.

But, despite this, Claudia Schiffer now also appears in some social events.

Famous model and actress today has the title of one of the richest women in Germany. According to Forbes magazine, Claudia’s fortune exceeds $ 55 million.


Personal life

It’s amazing that the supermodel’s personal life was not so intense and intriguing.

In 2002, Claudia Schiffer married the director Matthew Vonama. Her husband was of noble birth and was brought up in a very influential family. From the moment of official marriage, Claudia became Oxford Countess.

This marriage was the only girl in life. Spouses now live happily together and bring up three children. They had two girls, Clementine and Cosima, and the boy Caspar.

The last time Claudia was pregnant in 2010 with her younger daughter Cosima. It was then that she appeared nude for a magazineVogue. Claudia on the photo hugs her already rounded tummy. The photo shows the true beauty and grace of a pregnant woman.

Children, Matthew Vaughan and Claudia Schiffer today live together in London.

The life and work of this talented woman, which once again confirms the view that success only comes to working people. The girl worked as a student and supermodel, and works now, being a loving mother and faithful wife.

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