Blonde, brunette, shy, whimsical, American, German, Brazilian. The famous Angels of Victoria’s Secret are very different girls. What is so special about them that turns them from simple models into icons? Part of the reason is attractiveness. Yes, they have an incredible physique and smart smiles – this is what attracts the eyes of the young people.

Of course, we know that they spend weeks of serious training preparing for shows, and we know that they spend hours on hair styling and make-up before the show, but it all goes far into the background when it’s time to go to the podium. All that we see is smooth movements, causing poses, beautiful underwear and wings. And yes, we love Angels! Although the show has been running for almost two decades, and many models have gone down the catwalk, only a few have achieved Angel status. Of all the Angels, we chose the 10 most sexual .


If you’ve been a fan of Tyra for the last ten years or so, you can know her as the creator of the reality show ” American Top Model .” However, before she began to teach the young people who want to model in the model how to ” smile with their eyes ” and get up better, she walked along the catwalk as an Angel. It is worth noting that Tyra appears in the ranking of the 15 most shameless celebrity SELFI .

She worked in the high fashion industry from adolescence, but at some point the forms forced her to change the kind of activity. Not frightened, she returned to the United States to create underwear and swimwear. The rest, as they say, is history – it remains one of the most popular of the angels of all time , and put on the wings almost a decade before the exit to ” retire ” from the podium.


 Laetitia Casta
In the sea of ​​American models, the magnificent French beauty Letizia Casta was certainly a mystery – and she will definitely be remembered as an Angel. Of course, she does not have ten years of experience, like some other Angels, but only three years, but that’s enough to consolidate status as one of the hottest Angels of all time.

Recently, she is trying to move from model to actress, and has won roles in several French films. Regardless of what she does, she got a great start at Victoria’s Secret when she was an Angel.


Miranda Kerr
When Miranda Kerr announced that she would leave the Angels, the whole world mourned this decision. Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but admirers around the world have definitely wounded that they will not be able to feel the effect of a bomb exploding from the type of lace on the idol. While there are many great models from Australia working in the industry, Kerr became the first Australian Angel in all of history.

Kerr is known for his passion for healthy eating and the environment. It is also considered one of the 10 highest paid models of 2015 . Despite the fact that she hung her wings, her body is still in incredible shape.


Marisa Miller
Marisa Miller in the dictionary is next to the definition of a blonde bomb from the California beach. While she has expanded the boundaries of high fashion, Miller is known primarily for her work in Sports Illustrated – and, of course, as an Angel. Look at it only once and you will easily understand why. pay attention to the 7 most sexy debutant Sports Illusrated in 2015 . Miller made her debut in Victoria’s Secret with her friend Heidi Klum in 2007 commercials, and was soon appointed as an Angel. She hung her wings in 2010 to focus on other activities in the entertainment industry.


Chanel Iman
Iman is part of the most recent galaxy of Angels, since she wore wings in 2010. She has a reputation as a bright personality with strong convictions, and has done everything to eradicate racism in the fashion industry, missing a one-year Show in order to agitate President Obama . After only three years, after she became an Angel, the brand decided not to renew the contract, but her career develops remarkably outside the world of Victoria`s Secret .


Candice Swainpole
While South America seems to be producing Angels on a regular basis, blonde megapixel Candice Swanepole is one of the few representatives of another hot part of the world – South Africa. Despite the fact that she was noted in numerous magazines, and participated in the shows of numerous fashion brands, only in 2010 Swainpole received the wings of the Angel.

Since then, she has been one of the most popular Angels, and certainly one of the most sexy. She even had the honor of wearing an ultra-expensive Fantasy bra in 2013. Pay attention to the 10 most expensive kinds of lingerie .


 Gisele Bundchen
Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen was an Angel for seven years, after signing a record $ 25 million contract in 2000. It is worth noting that she is on the list of the 15 most sexy supermodels of underwear. While the Angels around her seemed to grow younger and younger, the Bundchen grew better with age. She decided to resign in 2007 to participate in other projects, including as an actress.


Adriana Lima
While Adriana Lima has replaced many roles and contracts during the long career of the top model, she is best known for working as Angela Victoria’s Secret . Lima first stepped on the podium in 2000 and still goes on it. It’s been 15 years and it looks as great as the first year. She opened the show several times, and, one day, less than two months after the birth.


Dautzen Croesus
While many Angels come from hot places, such as Brazil or Australia, the former Angel Dautzen Croesus proves that the Dutch can be no less sexual. Croesus, is known for its large blue eyes and incredible bends of the body. She has undergone many things, being an Angel, including becoming a mother, but has managed to keep murderous forms for many years.

Croes finally left the company to pursue other projects, but her incredible appearance will always provide a place on any list of the Hot Angels.


Heidi Klum
Klum can be known to a modern audience for the role of leading in the reality show Runway . In the late 1990’s, early 2000’s, she was shining on the fashion show podium. Klum was one of the first generation of Angels, and remained among them incredibly long, only at 37, still having a body of 20 years, she went on a “retirement.” Klum wore wings for 13 years , constantly shaking the audience with incredible heat, despite the birth of several children.