Queen of burlesque Dita von Teese without makeup

In the young blonde Heather Sweet it is difficult to know the fateful star of burlesque Ditu von Teese. As if the Hollywood film of the golden age descended from the screens, Dita von Teese at the same time radiates wild sexuality and mystery. She independently found her own unique style and thought out the image to the smallest detail. Even without makeup, Dita Von Teese retains an incredible appeal. How the blond girl from the province turned into a luxurious brunette who conquered the world?


Heather Rene Suit was born in a small American town in the family of a machinist and a manicurist. In four years the baby got into the ballet studio and soon eclipsed her rivals with her talent. Already in her teens she knew everything about retrostyle and dreamed about the career of the stylist of Hollywood. But at the age of 19 instead of dressmaker she came to a strip club. It was on the stage that the real Dita von Teese was born with feathers, veils, gloves and corsets. A joint performance with Carmen Electra and a meeting with the owner of Playboy Hugh Hefner enhanced Dita’s success – and now she flaunts on the cover of the magazine.

In the 90s, Dita von Teese made a revolution in striptease, becoming the queen of burlesque – a theatrical erotic show. It gushes with ideas and amazes even the most experienced spectator: dances in a huge glass of martini, jumps out of a giant tube of lipstick, hides behind a fan and splashes in a waterfall with swans.

Minor details, make-up and hairstyles came out from under her hands with true masterpieces. She and without the stylists knew how to look retrodiva, and surrounded herself with elegant outfits and decorations.


Becoming famous, Dita von Teese starred in movies and videos, participates in fashion shows with a world-known name and poses for photo shoots of underwear.


Its extraordinary appearance attracts men, attracts like a magnet, and sinks deep in the heart. So it was with the shocking Marilyn Manson. They met at an exhibition of vintage fashion, and the rock hero was frightened by the presence next to his idol. Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson made up a strange and unusual couple.


They met for several years, and in 2005 they played a wedding, which became a loud event of the decade. It seemed that the bride and groom were the characters of the Gothic film, which had escaped into reality.


The marriage did not last long, and a year later Dita filed for divorce, tired of eerie rumors, noisy parties and constant adultery of her husband.


The star repeatedly mentioned that the Armenian blood flows in her. However, in her youth, Ditavon Teese without makeup – the owner of a pretty face with freckles and wheat hair.     


Dita  – the embodiment of elegance, sexuality, style. But an impeccable appearance is the result of hard work on oneself .

In her youth, the star repainted the wheat hair in a juicy black color and borrowed the wave from the actresses of the 1940s. It seems that Dita von Teese froze in the same era, because for decades it does not change its style and make-up.


Her visiting card is snow-white skin, highlighted cheekbones, bright red lips and charcoal arrows.


The image is far from natural, but it causes admiration and imitation. Fidelity to own traditions has played the role: the dancer stands out among others and always remains recognizable.


Dita Von Teese without makeup rarely appears in public. Even when she goes to the gym, she applies a foundation and a bright lipstick. But resourceful paparazzi strenuously try to make a photo of Dita von Teese without make-up. And sometimes they succeed.      


On numerous questions the star responds that he is not afraid to appear without cosmetics. Friends and close people say that Dita von Teese without make-up is fresh and young.    


Of course, age takes its own, and the photos of Dita von Teese close-up abound with wrinkles, but the dancer fights them with the help of cosmetology.

I hate when people publicly lie about their plastic surgery.


Dita von Teese never concealed her breast enlargement at age 21. Dita is positive about plastic and believes that beauty can be created if it is not possible to be born attractive.


And Dita herself adheres to this principle. The queen of burlesque stuffed her signature birthmark on the face in the salon. A thin waist is the result of wearing a corset. When she tightens it, the waist is only 42 cm. However, some surgeons assure that there has not been without the interference of colleagues.

The dancer willingly recounts the recipes of attractiveness:

  • moderate and healthy diet;
  • protection of the skin from ultraviolet glasses, umbrella, cosmetics;
  • regular exercise;
  • correct mode, high-grade rest;
  • love for yourself and your shortcomings.


The star encourages you to work on yourself, improve. She is sure that anyone can look perfect if she does her appearance. Natural data is the template from which perfection is created. The star does not try to pretend that it is completely natural, but thanks to Dita Von Teese’s work on herself without make-up is also good.


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