Kim Kardashian and her American fairy tale

English Kim Kardashian) is a woman who has gone a long, tortuous way to make the whole world talk about her. Biography Kim Kardashian was initially filled with money, but everyone knows that finance is not always the right road to fame. Actress Kim Kardashian made her world famous with her hard work and perseverance.

  • Real name: Kimberly Noel Kardashian
  • Date of birth: 10/21/1980
  • Libra
  • Height: 159 centimeters
  • Weight: 53 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 65 and 104 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 37 (EUR)
  • Color of eyes and hair: Brown, brunette.


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  • 1 Youth star reality show
  • 2 In pursuit of the Kardashians
  • 3 New beginnings
  • 4 Success in everything
  • 5 The Kardashian Family
  • 6 Romantic Star Stories
  • 7 Not just a name, but a brand

Youth star reality show

Parents Kim Kardashian Is a lawyer known in the US Robert Kardashian and secular person Chris Jenner. Thanks to the mixing of blood – Armenian and North European, the appearance of our heroine is very bright.

A girl was born in the US, but her ethnicity is difficult to define but she considers herself an American. Nine years after Kimberley’s birth, Robert and Chris divorced.

Mom of our heroine was not long alone – a couple of years after the divorce, she got engaged with Bruce Jenner. He, along with his father, greatly influenced the upbringing of the girl.

She studied Kardashian in a prestigious school in Los Angeles and moonlighted in one of the companies of her own father. But the girl was not attracted to the role of a young glamorous woman who burned life – she tried in every possible way in various spheres connected with the rich and famous.

In 2003 Robert died. For the girl it was a heavy emotional shock.


In pursuit of the Kardashians

One of the founders of the era of the reality show, where the rich and famous are filmed, showing their real life, was exactly Kim. In 2007 she, together with the channel “E!”, Launched the show “Kardashian Family” (in another translation it sounds like “In pursuit of the Kardashians”).

Show Kardashian immediately attracted the attention of the audience. In each series flashed luxurious homes, cars, famous friends, publicly displayed personal, even intimate moments of all household members.

The Kardashian family from the very beginning was not against such public frankness and, on the contrary, tried to become more famous. So – the younger sister of our heroine Kendall became a teenage model for well-known brands.

New beginnings

Many believe that Kardashian before the plastics had a very boring biography and only after the operation the girl’s life was filled with proposals for filming in movies and commercials. At the same time – the press clearly can not say whether the star went to the plastic surgeon’s table at all or not.

And while everyone is wondering: “What made Kardashian famous?”, She does business, selling video courses and diet for weight loss. Her beautiful figure is constantly discussed by the press, so an enterprising girl even on this finds a way to earn a fortune.


Another initiative was offered by the sister of our heroine – together they organized their own brand of clothes and opened boutiques. The girl even created her own collection of precious jewelery.

The young woman did not stop there. In 2010, she released her own fragrance, which further expanded the line, as well as a range of creams and decorative cosmetics.

Success in everything

It is difficult to name one thing, if someone asks – what is Kardashian famous for? She is a reality TV star, a daughter of famous parents, an actress, a designer and even a singer. The biography of this talented woman is filled with rare roles in films, for example “Unreal blockbuster”, as well as the single “Jam (Turn It Up)”.

Actress to everything else much is removed for magazines – you can even find beautiful photos of a girl without clothes.

For Kim family and biography is not a reason for gossip. She very much appreciates each person with whom her destiny has closely linked. In memory of his father, who died of cancer, Kim began to pay a lot of attention to the fight against this disease and to donate huge amounts of money to research and help patients.


Family Kardashian

Large family Kardashian-Jennermesses up with their kindred ties of anyone. In fact, our heroine had two fathers – Robert and Bruce.

In a marriage with Robert, Chris gave birth – Courtney, Chloe, Kim and Robert Jr..

From the second wife of Chris there were two more girls – Kendall and Kylie.

From previous relationships, Bruce had children – Burton, Cassandra, Brandon and Brodie. By the way, now Bruce and Chris are divorced, as the man decided to change his gender and become a transgender woman.

Sister Kim Kardashian Courtney in a relationship with Scott Dysick, from whom she has three children – Mason, Penelope and Rain.

If you count – how many sisters our heroine, you get four relatives and one summary, as well as one brother and three pivots from the second father.

But how many children does the girl have? Despite three marriages – she still has only two children from her last husband.

Every year the family of this talented woman is only replenished with new members – then someone marries, then someone has children.


Romantic Star Stories

Biography Kim is filled with various novels and even several marriages. So what kind of men appeared in the personal life of a star?

1. Ray Jay. This turbulent novel was recognized by the whole world thanks to a video that happened to be on the Internet, where Kim and Ray made love.

2. Damon Thomas. First husband of the star. Their marriage lasted several years. According to rumors, our heroine filed for divorce due to the fact that he tortured her emotionally and physically.

3. Chris Humphries. A beautiful novel, a smart offer of a hand with a ring of several million, a wedding that was shown on television and the entire Internet – it seemed that this fairy tale should have lasted forever. But the official marriage of Chris and Kim lasted exactly two months, after which the couple filed for divorce.

4. Kanye West. This guy became the third husband of our heroine and the father of her two children. Now the couple Kim and Kanye are some of the most popular and discussed. Their pictures are published everywhere, and the press constantly talks about their joint work.

Not just a name, but a brand

Now our heroine is a public person who likes millions. At the same glossy publications constantly publish articles about how much Kardashian weighed after the birth of children. The star was always in great shape and did not hide the secrets of her diets.

And if before all were interested in what this talented woman is known for, now everyone knows that she is a socialite, businesswoman, designer, model, actress, and also a wonderful wife and mother.

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