Dita Von Teese: climbing the star pedestal

Dita Von Teese(English Dita von Teese) – the famous American model, singer, actress and performer of burlesque shows. Her extraordinary and exquisite quickly raised to the heights of world fame, but few know how hard the girl has achieved what she has now.

  • Real name: Heather Rene Sweet
  • Date of birth: 09/28/1972
  • Sign of the Zodiac: Cancer
  • Height: 163 centimeters
  • Weight: 51 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 54 and 83 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 37 (EUR)
  • Color of eyes and hair: Blue, light brown.


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  • 1 Celebrity Biography
  • 2 Through mockery and mockery of fame and fame
  • 3 Personal life
  • 4 Career of an actress and singer

Celebrity Biography

Dita Von Teesewas born in the town of Rochester, located in Michigan. Her mother was a master of manicure, and her father worked as a simple machinist. Three girls grew up in the family, andHeather was the middle one.

From her earliest childhood she discovered a great talent for ballet dances, and at the age of thirteen the girl already gave small solo concerts. But everything changed dramatically when the family of Svitov was forced to move to Orange County, located in California. This sudden relocation was caused by the change of work by the head of the family, although Heather did not cause much enthusiasm.

At a new place of residence, the girl started attending high school, but this did not stop her from getting a job as a waitress at a local cafe to earn money herself and help her parents.

When Dita was 19 years old, she first began to practice professional strip dance in various clubs in her city. Soon she got a job at the club “Captain Cream”, where she got real popularity.


Through mockery and mockery of fame and fame

Despite the fact that Dita von Teese – a girl without complexes, as she herself used to talk about herself, there are several moments in her biography that she does not like to remember about.

As an eleven-year-old, Heatherfully sucked insults and bullying from their classmates. Inconspicuous and not gleaming with beauty, the girl became the object of all sorts of bullying. Above her laughed, she was humiliated, and even beat. Dita really wanted to be attractive and interesting for the stronger sex, but she could not do it for a long time.

Everything changed on the day when a fourteen-year-old teenager decided that she would be enough, and that she would do as she saw fit. She began to dress too frankly, and without a trace of shame seduce the guys. Tons of cosmetics, open dresses and blouses with deep neckline, short skirts and shorts, sex without obligations – that’s what became the main priority in the life of the future star. It was her looseness, frankness and sweet evil that helped her to ascend to those heights of glory where she is now.

As our heroine later admitted, all her childish grievances and tears were worth living, because they made her what she is now.


Personal life

As Dita herself says, there were more than a hundred men in her life, but to none of them she felt true love, even to her first husband – the shocking and eccentric rock singer Marilyn Manson. The history of their acquaintance and the beginning of relations began from the moment when the singer once called the girl and invited her to pass the time together for a glass of expensive whiskey.

“When he called me and offered to meet, I was not surprised. The only thing that confused me at that time and even made me laugh a little was his terrible and indecipherable diction. I did not understand everything that he told me, but I did not need it. I just took a bottle of good booze, and went to his house. We spent an evening perfectly, and, of course, I stayed for the night. Shortly thereafter, he invited me to marry, and I agreed. ”

That’s how she talks about her ex-husband Dita von Teese. She never concealed that their relationship with Brian Warner was nothing more than a mere formality. In fact, they never loved each other, and when their marriage ceased to be beneficial to both of them, it was decided to dissolve.

Before and after Manson in the life of the stars were famous men, but more to any of them she did not dare to have a serious relationship.


Career of an actress and singer

As Dita von Teese herself says, she never dreamed of becoming neither a singer, nor an actress, for her soul lay all her life only for dancing. But, nevertheless, the account of the American diva has several roles in the films. She also starred in several clips, including the video of her ex-wife Marilyn Manson for the song “Mobscene”.

The debut of Dita’s musical career fell out in 2013, when she, together with the famous British duo Monarchy, recorded a song called “Disintegration”. Quite soon a clip was filmed for this song, and Dita Von Teese took an active part in its creation.

Dita says that she can not understand why famous women who have ascended to the peak of popularity try so hard to become “actresses”. According to Heather, she will be filmed only in the movie, where she will feel free, and where she does not have to pretend to be someone else. And it does not matter what role she will get – the main or secondary, because Dita von Teese always prefers to remain herself, even if she is in front of the public in a frank attire and full war paint.

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