Miroslava Duma – secular diva, fashion critic and columnist

Miroslava Duma (English Miroslava Duma) is a girl who can often be seen at fashion shows, her opinion of fashion and beauty is listened to, and the sense of style of this girl is recognized as a reference. The outfits of Miroslava itself are always in the spotlight. And that she did not wear, everything looks fashionable and flawless.

  • Real name: Miroslava Vasilyevna Duma
  • Date of birth: 03/10/1985
  • Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces
  • Height: 154 centimeters
  • Weight: 50 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 55 and 80 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 36 (EUR)
  • Color of eyes and hair: Brown, brunette.


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  • 1 Childhood and students
  • 2 Work and creative projects
  • 3 Star of fashion and style
  • 4 Personal life

Childhood and students

In the East Siberian city of Surgut, on March 10, 1985, the Miroslava Duma was born, whose biography began in the same way as many children. She studied diligently in school, but exact sciences were given to her not as easily as humanitarian ones. She read a lot, wrote essays with ease, was interested in history and social studies. Already in school years, the World was interested in fashion. This passion was passed on to her daughter from her mother, Galina, who herself sewed fashionable clothes, so in the school years the future top model was not dressed in Soviet mass clothes, but beautiful clothes. Her father was a politician, occupied important posts in the administration of the region.

In 1991, the parents of the Miroslava Duma decided to move to Moscow, where she later entered MGIMO at the prestigious Faculty of Journalism and graduated with a master’s degree in International Business and Management. Being a student, the girl was always in the center of attention, and her inimitable outfits admired everyone. It was then that it became finally clear that the girl would devote herself to the fashion world.


Work and creative projects

After graduation, the girl starts working in the Harper’s Bazaar magazine, where she leads a section, and also promotes creative projects, acting as creative director, stylist and producer. In addition, she cooperates with many world publishers, talking about the world of fashion.

A special place in the activity of the Miroslava Duma is occupied by “Family values”, a project in which she talked about families whose relationship has passed the test of time.

Since 2011, the model has been working with the magazine “OK!”, And later it launches an independent project: the Buro24 / 7 site, which has become popular in Russia, near and far abroad. For the last few years, Miroslava has been the Digital Media Director of the Moscow department store of the Central Department Store, representing him in social networks.

Miroslava Duma is the organizer of charity projects, whose goal is to help the needy. So, in 2007 she became a co-founder of the “Planet of the World” foundation. Organizing exhibitions, arranging performances, promoting literary, theatrical and artistic projects, this fund directs funds education and treatment of those who need it. The project “Health”, developed by the fund, transfers money to orphans and sick from low-income families.


Star of fashion and style

Wherever Miroslava appeared, she does not go unnoticed. The girl always delicately feels the style, her outfits not only express fashion trends, but also represent a creative individuality.

In the clothes of Miroslava there is no monotony: it is met in classic outfits, supplemented with unique details, then in casual clothes of light cut. But always this is an original performance, unique and unusual. Each outfit of Miroslava is a bright manifestation of creative thinking.

A special place in the wardrobe is occupied by a variety of knitted hats, which Miroslava successfully selects to their outfits so that they become an integral part of the image.

The girl introduced fashion to sports shoes, making her a worthy continuation of her outfits. But high-heeled shoes are also presented in her wardrobe.

To each thing the girl has her jewelry: from small brooches to large earrings and three-dimensional rings. Even a seemingly simple decoration for hair will look on Miroslav delightfully.

There was no such attire in which Miroslava looked ridiculous. All that she puts on, only emphasizes her miniature and femininity. Maybe that’s why everyone talks about her impeccable style and delicate taste, admire the Miroslava Duma. She is always a welcome guest at fashion shows, social gatherings and social events.


Personal life

In 2005, right after graduating from the institute, Miroslava Duma, whose personal life always remains somewhat in the shadow, married Alexei Mikheev. At the moment, the husband of Miroslava is an official of one of the institutions, therefore he does not like to visit the public and does not share the publicity of his wife. He prefers to spend time in his country house, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Miroslava and Alexei have two beautiful children: son George and daughter Anna. Despite their employment, parents pay great attention to the upbringing of children.

Unfortunately, lately there have been persistent rumors that Miroslava the Duma divorced her husband.

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