ANGEL VI: a new philosophy in the style of luxury

Each model of the ANGEL VI premiere collection is an impeccable combination of designer perfection and femininity. The brand was formed several seasons ago, when designer Victoria Elizarova decided to translate the accumulated experience into her own brand.


Today Victoria creates clothes, which, without superfluous pretense, makes women a little more powerful, elegant and sexy. The basis of the collection is dresses and costumes made of high-quality fabrics in rich colors with simultaneously elegant and modest details, such as exquisite French lace. The underlined femininity and refinement bears a trail of mystery.


Designer Victoria Elizarova is distinguished by a business vision of fashion. Practicality and elegance, quality cut and perfect fit are the main features of its brand ANGEL VI. Every woman at least once wanted to feel like a fatal beauty, free from men, independent of money, successful and dangerous. Now these sensations can be tried on by selecting one or more images from the collection.


The designer promises that the line will change by the new season. Unchanged at the same time remain the style, restrained luxury and aristocracy. A woman in a dress from ANGEL VI is always gentle, natural, modest, but has a bright personality and knows how to unobtrusively emphasize it.

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