Nowadays no one is engaged in simple retouching. The editors of the magazine will not think twice before priphotochopit head on a completely different body. Even for the user of the media, the photoshop has become so massive that most of us are daily exposed to lies and do not even know it. Did you crop a photo for a profile on Facebook? You photoshopped. We no longer edit the photo so that the beach seemed a bit sunny. We are editing our life. Pay attention to 10 incredible photos, similar to photoshop .

We are so obsessed with photos that we will not post photos on the Internet, without making sure that we look fine. Five years ago it would be strange to edit a photo for Facebook. Today, more than 60% of women do not have any problems with editing photos before posting them in the profile.

Let’s be honest – celebrities are far from ideal in photos and here are the proofs that will make you feel a little better. Perhaps you will be interested in the article 13 of the amazing body parts of celebrities that drive us crazy.

10. LIPS

Lips are the first thing a man notices. But the big lips were not always in the trend. In fact, thin lips were recognized as attractive in the early 1900s.

Why are the big lips so attractive, you ask? Apparently, women with large lips have a higher level of estrogen hormone. Nevertheless, many owners of plump lips are not happy with them. If you do not believe me, check out Kylie Jenner’s account in Instagram . In addition, if you are interested, the ideal lips should be full, red and warm, and as for men – lips of medium size, which will mean their masculinity.


In fact, people always preferred big priests. Already in the 19th century, women wore a bustle to make priests a little more. Pay attention to the 12 most talked about pop stars .

Remember the recent photo shoot of Kim Kardashian, where she holds a glass of champagne at the fifth point (many tried it, but they did not).

Experts came to a common opinion that this is a photoshop, despite the rejection of Mrs. Kardashian-West. Nevertheless, thank you, Jay Lo, Beyoncé, Nicky Minaj and Kim for providing charming photos of pop.


Perhaps not one of the most interesting parts of the body, but it is she who is paid much attention when it comes to photo editing.

The neck will help make the appearance of a more thin body, which, of course, is a priority for magazines and television. In Photoshop, you can lengthen the neck, make it narrower and remove the double chin. Jennifer Lawrence, who is probably one of the most photophobic celebrities, recently underwent neck editing for the cover of Flare magazine .


Hands most prefer to edit men. For example, add muscle here, make a beautiful and large biceps a la Justin Bieber for advertising Calvin Klein . There is a notorious example of Britney Spears. She, certainly, the most zafotoshoplennaja the woman of 21-st century.


It has been scientifically proven that men like curvy females ( looking at them, men have the same part of the brain that lights up when using cocaine and heroin ).

The figure ” Hourglass ” (that is, with large hips and lush breasts), has more omega-3 fatty acids, which provides more nutrients for the developing baby. Perhaps Kanye West is smarter than we think and therefore chose his wife, who is famous for his big hips.

Studies have shown that these women probably have a higher social intelligence!


Everyone has been obsessed with the breasts since the beginning of the 19th century. Science is still not able to explain why the chest is so tempting.

In some cultures, for example, in African, the breast is not considered something sexual. Fortunately, photoshop can make the chest erotic, as it was done for Katy Perry. She seemed not hot enough for Rolling Stone magazine , and she had to edit her breasts before releasing the magazine.


Oh, what could be more sexy than a pair of pretty women’s legs? The sudden popularity of ” gaps ” ( that is, the space between the hips ) from 2012 has become a modern indicator of good physical shape. Even Queen Beyonce dreams of a ” gap ” between her thighs and is therefore more than once accused of photographing a photo for Instagram . Pay attention to the 20 sexiest legs of Hollywood .


Eyes and nose
Almost every Hollywood photo includes edited eyes. In all likelihood, large eyes are associated with a higher level of estrogen, which signals that a woman has more chances of conceiving a child. Therefore, everyone is so eager to change the shape of the eyes, as well as color.

As for the nose, studies have shown that there are standards of an ideal nose. The nose should be slightly upset. Taylor Swift has changed beyond recognition for the cover of the magazine Oops . It changed the shape of the eyes, nose and everything that could be.


Belly and waist
This is what people especially like photoshopping. We need to see the press and the lack of hair on the chest. Matthew McConaughey recently starred in commercials for Dolce and Gabbana , where he was subjected to editing the abdomen. Obviously, dreams of a flat tummy do not bypass women.

A tiny waist has long been a trend. Miss Lindsay Lohan is not used to editing the waist (and other body parts) before sending the image to Instagram .


Even the most ideal celebrity can not escape retouching, which became standard practice in magazines in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Spots, freckles, bags under the eyes, veins, scars and moles should be removed. Pores, mimic wrinkles and wrinkles, too, must disappear. The skin tone should be even and there should be beautiful cheekbones. The teeth are white and straight.