Officially the film Miracle Woman will continue

Last weekend the Warner Bros film company shared with joyful news: to the beloved whole film about “Wonder Woman”, which was released in the beginning of July, a sequel will be filmed. This was announced during the Comic-Con festival in San Francisco.

Officially: the film "Miracle Woman" will continue


The action of the first film about Wonder Woman is based on the comic book of the same name by DCComics. This film is the fourth film in the Expanded DC universe after the “Suicide Squad”, “The Man of Steel”, “Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice”.

The film company Warner Bros, unfortunately, did not share the details of the sequel with the movie’s fans. And in general, so far little is known, one can not even say exactly who will be the director. Many fans still hope that the director’s chair will again be taken by the beloved Patti Jenkins, an American feminist, who filmed the first part of “Wonder Woman”.

But the participation of Gal Gadot, the performer of the main role in the film, is no longer questioned. It also became known during the Comic-Con festival in the framework of which the presentation of one more film about superheroes with the participation of the actress – “Justice League” was held. By the way, in this film Gal plays the role of Diana Prince, a miracle woman. The premiere of the League of Justice is scheduled for November 16, but when the “Miracle Woman 2” is released it is still unknown.

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