Gisele Bundchen came to the plasty of the chest in hijab

Famous model Gisele Bundchen visited the French clinic of plastic surgery Clinique International du Parc monceau. The original carnival with dressing Giselle started for only one purpose – to hide her visit to the doctor. However, the model did not take into account that in Paris wearing of burqa in public places was banned from 2010, so a strange woman in black robes stood out against the background of other passers-by. In addition, the model “pierced” and on open shoes: Muslim women are strictly forbidden to wear sandals .


Of course, this fact did not escape the eyes of the omnipresent paparazzi, who later found out the main purpose of Giselle’s visit to the clinic: the model turned to the surgeon to adjust theshape of the breast (Giselle brings up the 5-year-old son of Benjamin and the 2-year-old daughter Vivian) and make a eyelid . It is noteworthy that the model in the interview has repeatedly opposed any surgical intervention and the more was not going to make changes in its appearance.


The other day, Giselle was seen at the airport “Charles de Gaulle”, where she flew back to the States. Bundchenwas wearing sunglasses and a closed shirt, so journalists could not see any traces of surgical intervention. The representative of the model declined to comment.

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