Gaspard Ullel starred in a mini-film for the fragrance of Bleu de Chanel

French fashion house Chanelpresented a long-awaited promotional mini-film, dedicated to the updated version of the male fragrance Bleu de Chanel. The face of the perfume and the main character of the video was a charming actor, a favorite of many women -Gaspard Ullle.


The first Bleu de Chanel was released under the direction of Martin Scorsese in 2010, a new video – the logical continuation of the first part, directed by the owner of the “Silver Lion” The Venice Film Festival James Gray.


The slogan of Bleu de Chanel reads: “You become who you are. Forever . ” According to the story, the main character of the mini-movie tries to hide from the excessive attention of the paparazzi and journalists. Under the composition of the legendaryJimi HendrixGaspar Oulle tries to tear himself away from his intrusive pursuers, but he constantly sees a certain female image. He follows him down a narrow dark corridor, then runs out to the sea, where he finds something more than Her. He finds Himself.

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