Demi Lovato: a star from birth

(English Demi Lovato) already in its origin was doomed to stardom. Mexican by father, hot tequila fan from the southern neighbor of the US, heiress of Irish and Italian roots along the line of the beautiful Diana Hart De La Hartz could not remain an inconspicuous and ordinary figure.

Biography Demi Lovato was painted by Gd in bright colors even before her birth in the world’s largest city of Dallas, which is the capital of the largest and happiest state of America in Texas. And do not try to convince any inhabitant of this promised land in the opposite: all the inhabitants of Texas from the time of their birth are sure that everything the biggest, most beautiful, expensive and astounding is in their homeland.

  • Real name: Demetrius Devonne Lovato
  • Date of birth: 20.08.1992
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Height: 161 centimeters
  • Weight: 60 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 68 and 96.5 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 37 (EUR)
  • Eye and hair color: Brown, chestnut.


Interest in the age of Demi Lovato is not her fans simply idle. So many people ask, how old is Demi Lovato? This year she turned 24 years old. It amazes everyone with its rapid career and efficiency, it makes one doubt that so much can be done without exchanging a quarter of a century.

Her first years of life were under close scrutiny and education of her mother, who in her youth danced in the support team of the Dallas Cowboys, and then became famous as a country song performer, were preparing for the start of a stellar career that took place at 7 years on the set of the Disney TV series ” Barney and friends. ”

Actress Lovato began her career with another star, who is called Selena Gomez. Since the first joint work (or, perhaps, children’s games, which were called “work”), this pair is connected by a strong female friendship.

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  • 1 Career of the actress
  • 2 Success
  • 3 On the rock scene
  • 4 Health and personal life
  • 5 Latest achievements and news about Lovato

Career of the actress

Actor’s biography Demi started earlier than school. But it did not end after a debut not quite successful from a commercial point of view, but has a sequel that many Oscar-winning Hollywood stars envy. True, the school still had to finish externally, which is very much in the style of the new diva. Grown and formed beauty with the growth and parameters of the ideal of American cinema – Marilyn Monroe, to all other things, not only feeling good in the frame, but also singing very well – is very demanded in the film business.


The girl is always in the choice of the employer, so she collaborates with the Disney studio. After the debut filming in “Barney and Friends” in 2006, there were modest roles in the series. Mini-series “Ringing Bells” and the role of Charlotte Adams in 2007 presented the audience our heroine in the role of the author and artist of their compositions in the cinema. This talented girl likes to be photographed, so her pictures can often be found on the covers of fashion magazines.


The filmography of the girl begins with a picture of Disney’s studio “Rock in the summer camp”In which, judging by the speaking title, our heroine was also in three hypostases: an actress, an author and a performer of her masterpieces. The first part appeared in the box office in 2008, and the sequel with the number 2 in the title appeared on the audience two years later – in 2010. During this period of time, actress Demi Lovato became a real star, and the number of those who watched “Rock in the summer camp 2″Exceeded 8 million people.

The star status of our heroine appeared after the 2009 film “Princess Protection Program”, where the girl shone along with her friend Selena Gomez. This film hit with a good status in the ratingDisney, for a year he collected an audience of 8.5 million. In the same year, our heroine was involved in the filming of the series of the beloved studio “Give Sunny a chance”, Where, along with the starry sotava played the story of a simpleton from Wisconsin, who came to conquer Hollywood. The old, as the world story, retold in a new way, revealed fully the talent of young talent.

In 2011, Lovato was awarded two awards at once. This became her well-deserved recognition as a great showman, as far as possible and the stars of the series. In the same year, Demi stopped working on the series because of the decision to devote more time to her second vocation – music. Despite her young age, the girl often gives interviews, she communicates with journalists on an equal footing and will not climb for her word in her pocket.

On the rock scene

As a musician, Demi Lovato is no less popular. The fascination with music began with the piano, which she mastered at 7 years old, since then her musical preferences have not changed – it’s a hard rock, and the skills of the artist and the author have reached a good international level. The first album of the young author was released in 2008, was recorded during the decade and was called Do not Forget. The debut was successful, three singles from the album were in the hot one hundred US ratings. Today, the musical works of Demi have 5 albums, which were recorded within 7 years.

The success of the discs was recorded by the appearance of singles in the top twenty Billboard and the invitation of a bright performer to the show of young talents X Factor, where her partners for three years Britney Spears, Al Ey Reid and Simon Cowell. In 2014 came the first world tour Demi Lovato, which consisted of 40 performances in different parts of the world and lasted from autumn 2014 to May 2015. In addition to solo activities, Demi actively records duets with famous performers – this is a singleSomebody To You from The Vamps, a duet with Nick Jonas (Avalanche) and Ollie Mercer (Up).


Health and personal life

The pace of life and the constant deficit of mental warmth with an overabundance of business communication take away the forces of even the most viable and young talent. Demi Lovato was no exception and had already visited a clinic in Chicago, where she underwent a course of recovery and getting rid of a protracted depression for three months. The affair and hobbies happened, as a rule, with the partners on the series and the stage, they were all short and unattractive for the press, without scandals and finding out the relationship. Demi Lovato is at the start of her big career, her future depends on the ability and ability to maintain a balance between the gusts of the soul and the vital forces of the young talent’s body.

Latest achievements and news about Lovato

Lead single for the track “Cool for the Summer”Was released on July 1, 2015. He left before the presentation of the new album of the singer, and the video for this single was released on July 23 of the same year. Further, the discography of our heroine was replenished with one more new song – “Confident”, it was announced on August 5, and on the 27th of the same month a new single appeared on the net. The same day in her Twitter Lovato announced the name of the new album – Confidient, which was the fifth in a row, and voiced his full track listing. The presentation of the album and its release took place in mid-October 2015.

Apparently, the creative activity of this singer, actress and just a talented girl is not going to die. Confirmation of this is often published photos in various magazines. Premiere of the Confidient album forced Demi Lovato to cancel his participation in the Coca Cola Music Experience festival, as the two dates coincided. The presentation of the single of the same name by the singer took place on September 16, and on October 9 the whole world saw a video clip on this popular track. “Irresistible” is an updated version of Lovato’s single entitledfall out Boy. The clip, which was shot on the promo version of the single Waiting for You, was released on October 22, 2016.


October 26 – Demi Lovato announced her participation in the Future Now Tour – a joint tour with Nick Jonas. On December 11th, our heroine received a Rulebreaker at the awarding ceremony for the best women, who clearly showed themselves in music – Billboard’s Women In Music. Constantly protecting the rights of communitiesLGBT, Demi in April 2016 became the owner of the award from the GLAAD Vanguard Award. May 13, 2016 – the single “Without A Fight”Together with Brad Paisley, received the release. And in 5 days the clip for this song has already left. June 29, 2016 released the release of the new single “Body Say”, and on July 1, his premiere took place. This was just a short list of achievements of our heroine, and what will happen next – time will tell!

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