Sasha Pivovarova – unearthly beauty

Sasha Pivovarova (English Sasha Pivovarova) – a model with a non-standard appearance, for which it is chosen by the most famous designers. The model of Sasha Pivovarova is in demand both in Russia and around the world. Everyone is impressed by the demonic piercing look of the beauty Sasha Pivovarova whose biography would not have become so interesting, if not for her friend, and later for her husband Igor Vishnyakov.

  • Real name: Alexandra I. Pivovarova
  • Date of birth: 01/21/1985
  • Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
  • Height: 175 centimeters
  • Weight: 45 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 61 and 86.5 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 39 (EUR)
  • Color of eyes and hair: Blue, blonde.


Alexandra’s birthday is on January 21st. She was born in the capital in a simple Moscow family in 1985, where she also had a brother Misha and sister Alena. The creative girl Sasha Pivovarova, whose favorite occupation was drawing, spent a lot of time behind the canvas. Parents, in time to see the talent in the baby, recorded it in an art school, which she finished perfectly. Mom, engaged in the development of her daughter, visited with her a large number of exhibitions and galleries, which affected the development and development of the artistic talent of the future top model.

After graduating from the regular school, Sasha entered the Faculty of Art History RGGU. Studying at the initial courses at the university, Sasha thought that she would become a real artist, and would connect her life and work with art, at that time she was not going to build a modeling career. But fate decreed otherwise. During the training Sasha meets with Igor Vishnyakov. A well-known photographer and artist, who admired Sasha Pivovarova, became the main moving mechanism of her further successful career. Vishnyakov could spend hours photographing Sasha, he was amazed and admired by the subtle and unconventional appearance of the girl.


Career and creativity

Feeling unrivaled potential of his beloved, Igor sent his photos of the girl to one of the best model agencies in New York – IMG. Appearance of Sasha reflected on these photos made a real sensation. Soon she was invited to go to Milan to show Prada, subsequently becoming the face of the brand’s advertising company.

It was a stunning success, and the career of Sasha Pivovarova’s top model quickly headed up. Fashion Week in Milan was a great start, after which Pivovarova represented on the catwalks in collections from design houses Kenzo, Chanel and many other world giants of the beauty industry.

The non-trivial appearance of the Russian beauty did not leave indifferent the leading fashion houses, many agencies wanted Sasha to get hold of. Because of so many proposals and constant filming, the girl had to leave her studies at the university. But this did not mean that Sasha Pivovarova occupied her favorite work with a distant drawer. On the contrary, the girl does not cease to create and draws everywhere.


In 2006, our heroine was shot for a glossy edition Vogue for different countries, and also continued cooperation with Prada, in which the model participated in a record number of times – as many as six seasons in a row.

Next were shooting and contracts, glossy magazines and various photo shoots. Pivovarova cooperated with famous designers and went on the podiums of world fashion leaders, constantly flying around the world.

In parallel with work the model develops its favorite occupation and dreams of opening an art gallery. In 2008, a personal show of Sasha’s paintings under the name I Spy was held in New York. Artistic creativity remains her main passion, in whatever city or country Pivovarova was, she will definitely allocate time to visit the museum or exhibition. And she also helps talent in the modeling business. The prints painted by Sasha Pivovarova are painted on the pretty pajamas of the Gap brand.

In addition to drawing and podiums, Sasha also has an acting experience. She starred in the movie “Time”, playing a small episodic role in it.

Personal life

In addition to a successful modeling career, constant offers from the world fashion agencies, travel, drawing, Sasha – a happy mother and wife. Her husband is Igor Vishnyakov, who not only admires the beauty of his wife, but also supports her career and creative success. After all, it was with his submission that her glory began. Sasha Pivovarova and Igor Vishnyakov married in 2009. Now the family lives in New York, and since 2012 she has been raising and raising a beautiful daughter – Mia, who also has already taken part in the shootings and often flashes on her mother’s page in Instagram.


Still Sasha Pivovarova is a vegetarian and adherent to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. She never smoked and did not drink alcohol. From food prefers organic food and drinks, as well as green Chinese tea. In ordinary life, Pivovarov practically does not use cosmetics, demonstrating natural beauty.

Our heroine is a model with a world name, which for a long time will conquer with its charisma and originality not only from the covers of magazines, but also defiling the most famous fashion houses on the podiums.

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