Sasha Luss: biography of the Russian model that conquered the world

Sasha Luss(English Sasha Luss) – a model from Russia, which is by far one of the most popular in the world. Sasha Luss first appeared on the podium when she was only 15 years old. Since then, she managed to participate in the shows of many world designers, because of the nature of the girl got really angelic appearance – blue eyes, light fair hair and a pretty, almost childish face. For today the girl is also the owner of an ideal figure.

  • Real name: Sasha Luss
  • Date of birth: 06/06/1992
  • Gemini
  • Height: 178 centimeters
  • Weight: 50 kilograms
  • Waist and hips: 58.5 and 87.5 centimeters
  • Shoe size: 39 (EUR)
  • Color of eyes and hair: Blue, blonde.


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  • 1 Childhood
  • 2 First impressions and career development
  • 3 Before and after losing weight
  • 4 Personal life


Future Model Sasha Lusswas born in the rather gloomy city of Magadan. The girl’s mother worked as a gastroenterologist and, in addition to studying at school, tried to take her daughter in all sorts of circles and sections. The girl was engaged in ballroom dances and even participated in different competitions. In general, our heroine was a very active child, she was full of energy and desire for adventure. And although now Luss is dressed in the outfits of famous couturiers, in her childhood typical “girlish” things did not interest her. The model recalls that instead of dressing up dolls, she ran around the yard, climbed trees and preferred cars instead of Barbie.

First impressions and career development

At 15 years old, Sasha could already boast of attractive appearance, which, in fact, helped her to start a career at such a young age. On one of the dance performances, the girl was noticed by the right people and now she is on the podium, showing off the collection of the Russian designerAlena Akhmadullina. Excellent external data models could not help but notice and soon it began to appear more and more in the shows. She even was lucky to represent the collection of the famous Juliana Sergeyenko, and this already speaks volumes.

After that, Sasha Luss participated in filming the clothes of the domestic brand Bohemique and this photo session literally turned her whole life. The photos turned out to be quite successful and, by a lucky chance, I saw them myselfCarl Lagerfeld!! Head of the fashion houseChanelwas amazed by the beauty of Luss and immediately wanted to cooperate with her. Thus, the Russian model went to Paris and for the first time entered the podium in the clothes of a foreign couturier during Chanel Paris-Bombay. The debut was definitely successful – during the Paris Fashion Week, the girl had time to work with Dior, and after a while already flashed in the photographs of the red book from Ralph Simons.


In 2013, together with several models, it became the face of the brand Carolina Herrera. Soon from an ordinary provincial girl Sasha turned into one of the most popular models. The most prestigious brands offered her work in vain:Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Wong and Calvin Klein, Elie Saab, Alberta Ferretti and many others.

The girl literally did not leave fashion shows, and some even opened in person! At first, Sasha Luss was very excited about this responsibility. For example, opening a collection of Valentino girl most afraid of getting confused in the folds of a huge dress and stumble, but she pulled herself together and did everything as expected.

When the Russian publishing house of the popular magazine VOGUEcelebrated the fifteenth anniversary, our heroine was invited to shoot for the collection issue. The photoshoot was on top: our heroine is an impeccable blonde, dressed in a dress from Olga Dunina and looked like a fairy princess – mysterious, cold and sensual.


Before and after losing weight

Not many know, but the famous model was a slender doll is not always. When her first shows began, Sasha was quite far from the ideals of high fashion. Of course, it could not be called fat, because the fluffy hips and breasts are quite natural for a woman. However, in the modeling business, such parameters were not appreciated and Sasha was advised to try a little better, to work on his figure.

The girl radically changed her diet and refused any high-calorie goodies. If you look at her old photos, you can see how Sasha Luss has lost weight just beyond recognition! However, such dramatic changes have only benefited – a leaner model was more readily invited to show, the world of big fashion became much closer to it. At the moment, the model weighs only 50 kilograms with a height of 178 cm and very carefully monitors the figure.


Personal life

About the private life and love of a beautiful blonde is practically nothing is known. Yes, it’s not surprising – the novels of the girl simply do not have enough time! In addition to participating in various shootings, Sasha Luss is trained in the famous Cambridge. There the girl studies the history of literature and, despite the lack of time, and sleep, is satisfied with the process. In one of her interviews the girl confessed that, most likely in the future, she would leave the modeling business. She sees her life in a completely different field, far from the fashion industry, and therefore seeks to get a good education.

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