It is impossible to say with certainty whether there is anything special about the Australian water, but one thing is certain: very beautiful women are born on this continent! Although the population of Australia is relatively small, this country has long been a leader in the modeling business.

Obviously, the epoch of Supermodels has passed, however, many of the most famous models in the West come from Australia. And they not only walk on the catwalks, demonstrating the luxurious underwear of famous brands, they are shot in films and meet with the stars of world cinema. Australia is gradually gaining a place in the entertainment industry, thanks to the natural beauty that its women are endowed with – and it’s a sin for us to complain! Considering how many of these models started their careers in a reality show, we simply have to watch the next season of the ” Top Model in Australian ” program! For research purposes, so to speak.

The Australian model world is so full of talents that choosing only five models means to touch only a small part of the wealth that this country offers. Also pay attention to the article 12 of the sexiest Russian models of all time .


Although the show ” Top Model in American ” with the leading Tyra Banks is very widely discussed in the media, the Australian version of the program is most popular. Having won the ” Top Model in Australian ” show in the third season , Nicole Trufio entered the world level and took part in an international competition, where she easily took second place.

With a stunningly beautiful appearance, with smooth dark hair, Nicole stands out among Australian blonde models. Trufio is rightly considered a celebrity, because she not only participated in the reality show, but also acted in films. In 2011, long-legged Nicole took the place of Miranda Kerr, becoming the face of a large company, ” David Jones .” In 2014, Nicole’s engagement took place with musician Gary Clark Jr.. The couple had a son.


Cheyen Tozzi
Like many Australian models, Cheyenne Tocia takes part in a reality show about the model business. However, she is not just a model and a star of television shows. Cheyenne is also a soloist of a fairly successful musical group. ” Second El MacPherson, ” as she was once called, she began her career at the age of eight, and at thirteen was already on the cover of the Harpers Bazaar magazine.

Cheyen is a truly international star; she appeared on the covers of magazines in Mexico, Germany and France – a great success for the singer from the musical group. A woman who follows her dream and does not compromise, deserves admiration!


Megan Gayle
Although Megan Gale is already over forty, she is still sexy. Gail began her career at the age of 18, and since then her popularity and mastery in the modeling business have been growing every year. Now she not only works on the catwalks and poses for magazines, but also actively engaged in business, and also successfully starred in the cinema. Although officially Megan completed her modeling career in 2008, she still occasionally participates in the fashion show and released her own collection of swimwear.

Knowledge of the Italian language helped Megan in the acting career, which she began with a series of commercials and gradually moved on to roles in feature films. In the end, the actress was noticed in her native Australia; The most popular role for her was in the excellent movie ” Mad Max: The Road of Fury, ” where Megan played Valkyrie. With a stunning exotic appearance, Megan Gale just radiates sexual energy and confidence. Honestly, it’s a little scary!


Montana Cox
One of the youngest models on the list, Montana Cox won in the seventh season of ” Top models in Australian “. Outstanding with its gentle, natural beauty, Montana Cox immediately attracted the attention of photographers and casting agents. It perfectly combined passionate sexuality and youth.

The victory in the show meant the rise of a career and world success. Montana Cox is still young, and she still has to live up to expectations and become a supermodel, but she already participated in shows around the world, appeared on the pages of respected magazines and represented several well-known brands.


Samantha Harris
We ask not to be confused with the American TV presenter. Samantha Harris – a beautiful dark-haired model from Australia, representing famous brands and appearing on the pages of famous publications. Although, unlike many of the models on our list, Miranda did not participate in the show ” Australian Top Model “, last year she appeared in the fifteenth edition of the Australian ” Dancing with the Stars “.

With her incredibly unique appearance and beautiful lips, it’s not surprising that Samantha Harris became a real celebrity and starred for the cover of the magazine ” Vogue ” – a truly great achievement for the model!


Jennifer Hawkins
Endowed with a beautiful appearance, Jennifer Hawkins was not one of those who would rest on their laurels and hope that her beauty would be enough for success. She achieved much more than just a career model, becoming a successful entrepreneur, a business woman and a TV presenter. Following the path from beauty contests to a full career model, Jennifer seems to confirm the usual stereotypes about how to become models.

Replacing Tyra Banks as the host of ” America’s Next Top Model “, Jennifer helps bring in the fashion industry, new faces and new talents. Tall, tanned and blonde, Hawkins exactly embodies the image that comes to mind when we present a model of the Australian beach. It can well be called the ideal embodiment of a typical Australian appearance.


Catherine McNeil
If you are not a fan of tanned blondes, then you are here! Ethnicity Catherine – the perfect combination of gothic and glamor; it seems that it has gone from the screen of a dark movie, and can cause the heart to stop. One of the most famous models of the world, she represented at different times almost every fashion brand, from Dolce & Gabbana to Hugo Boss .

Occupying a permanent place in the rankings of the most famous and respected model of his generation, McNeil may have now moved away a little from the model business, but she is still remembered. Unfortunately, for those members of the stronger sex who have the hope of winning her hand and heart, McNeil has been preferring to date girls for several years. Among the partners were well-known people, including Ruby Rose, with whom, according to rumors, Catherine got engaged.


Robin Lowley
Although according to the norms of model business Robin Lawley is considered a model of ” size plus “, she herself objects to such a characteristic. By the standards adopted in the society, Robin can not be called complete, and she believes that sticking such labels only harms women, driving them into the framework of negative and even dangerous standards.

This statement, made by Lawley shortly after the appearance on the cover of the Italian ” Vogue “, made a lot of noise. Lowley in this sense can be called a pioneer, because she often became the first model of ” size plus “, filmed for fashion magazines around the world, including for the popular magazine ” Sports Illustrated .”

But Lawley – not just a happy owner of an attractive face and seductive forms, she also has writing abilities! Recently, her book of recipes was published. In addition, Lowley was engaged in photography for magazines, and, perhaps, will continue this career after she leaves the modeling business.


Jessica Gomez
Fans of the magazine ” Sports Illustrated “, no doubt, recognize the exotic Jessica Gomez. She appeared annually in editions devoted to collections of swimsuits from 2008 to 2015, and almost became a symbol of the magazine! Half of the Portuguese, half Chinese, Jessica has a truly unique appearance and stands out among fellow models.

Its incredible popularity in Asia has helped to become the face of several South Korean brands – a fairly rare achievement for the Australian model! Possessing delightful sexuality, it’s no surprise that Jessica often tops the list in the annual survey of the most coveted women. In South Korea, she had her own television show on an English-language channel, and she also participated in the Korean version of ” Dancing with the Stars .” And Jessica sings, and more than once took part in the recording of hip-hop albums.


El MacPherson
El MacPherson can be called the most famous model in the world. Once she was among the group of Supermodels who ruled the world, and even now, having crossed the fifty-year boundary, she is still as sexy. Having got into the swimsuit for the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine five times and breaking all records, El has long been a person and a symbol of the Australian model world.

After completing her modeling career, she found application for her diverse talents, working on television on both sides of the camera, releasing her own line of underwear and skin care products, and doing charity. Interestingly, El was first noticed in the United States, where she started working to raise enough money to study at the law faculty. In the 80’s El met with Billy Joel, and many of his famous songs were dedicated to her.


Shanina Shake
In this beautiful woman flows Australian, Pakistani and Arab blood. Among the blonde Australian models Shanina Shake stands out for her exotic appearance. Stunning and sensual, it’s no surprise that she attracted the attention of agents at a very young age. Even before she was ten years old, Shanina began to appear in television commercials. For some time, she had to postpone the model’s career in order to concentrate on studying at school, where thanks to good grades she was able to attend to the accelerated program.

Then her career again skyrocketed, and since then, it seems, is just gaining momentum. Working with such famous brands as Victoria’s Secret, Tom Ford and Vivienne Westwood , the 25-year-old model is now at the top of a career. Will it reach the status of a Supermodel? Wait and see!


Jessica Hart
Another blonde beauty from Australia, Jessica Hart, has long established itself in the fierce competition of the model world. She starred for the cover of the Australian ” Vogue “, and has worked many times on the brand Victoria’s Secret. Her work on the podium is known all over the world, and she was invited more than once by major brands.

In addition to the magazine ” Vogue “, she appeared on the covers of many major publications. For most models, one appearance on the cover is enough, Hart had a lot of them! She also appeared on television, including on the MTV channel . Since 2011, Hart meets with the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarhos III. Jessica is also included in the rating of 9 supermodels with crooked teeth .


Gemma Ward
One of the most famous models in the world, Gemma Ward was born in the Australian city of Perth. Her memorable face adorned the cover of the American magazine ” Vogue “, perhaps the most prestigious fashion in the world. Blonde with blue eyes, it corresponds to a typical idea of ​​the model, but the languid look of her large eyes highlights her from the crowd.

Ward engaged not only in the modeling business, she made quite a successful career in film, playing in the “movie Strangers,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ” (as a very sexy mermaid) and ” The Great Gatsby .” Young models often predict a brilliant career, but only a few of them are really successful, and Gemma succeeded! To date, it is, perhaps, the only working supermodel. Ward declare the termination of a career since 2008, it is still afloat, and we very much hope that the acting career continued successfully!


Miranda Kerr
Perhaps the most recognizable model, Miranda Kerr excites and attracts. It is not only widely known, but also one of the highest paid models in the world! Working for the world-famous firm ” Victoria’s Secret “, Miranda has won the hearts of men all over the world. Pay attention to the rating of the 10 most beautiful angels of Victoria’s Secret of all time . In the past, she was married to actor Orlando Bloom, and now engaged to billionaire Evan Spiegel, creator of Snapchat .

Each step of Miranda is under the sights of the media. Obviously, it is very pleasant to work with her, because she has many friends in the modeling business, who speak only good things about her. With delightful dimples on her cheeks and a sweet, attractive face, you can expect Kerr to go down in the history of the modeling business as one of the greatest models of all time.


Abby Lee Kershaw
If Miranda Kerr is considered the most famous of the currently working models, then Abby Lee Kershaw embodies the future of the model business. It can hardly be called a typical model. With his bright personality and extravagantly colored hair, Abby Leigh challenges all the notions of models. Among Australian colleagues it was her who was recently called the pretender to the title of supermodel. Now, Abby is at the height of her fame, and in the future she is expected to be no less successful acting career.

Recently she starred in the films ” Mad Max: The Road of Fury ” and ” Neon Demon “, and does not intend to stop! Abby is very in demand among the world’s largest brands, and it’s no wonder! Her image of a bad girl, and in it there is something reckless, but at the same time she was the mistress of his life. With her vivid personality, it is quite understandable why she has been promised a great future and a place among the greatest models of all time.